Atma Kriya Yoga is a full yogic and meditation system that helps us to realize and connect with our True Self – Unconditional Love.

‘Atma Kriya Yoga is a form of Kriya Yoga given by Mahavatar Babaji, which is a very simple way to help awaken Love and come into contact with your true Self.’

– Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Discover Atma Kriya Yoga

Everything you need for a complete yoga and meditation practice


A Full Yogic System

15 powerful meditations, as well as energetic and physical yogic exercises connect you to the source of Life within.


All about Divine Love

Grow in Love with your Self, others, and God by awakening to your eternal Love relationship with the Divine.


Ongoing Support

Access to lifetime support from your teacher, weekly group practice, as well as ongoing advanced training immersions.


Blessing of the Masters

Receive initiation into a thousands of year old yogic lineage, and be empowered by the blessing of the Masters.


ATMA means – “soul” in Sanskrit
KRIYA is “action done with awareness”
YOGA means “Union”

Your soul is a spark of the Divine.
Atma Kriya Yoga helps us to fully realize this Divinity within.

Kriya, is the awareness we bring to life itself.
With Atma Kriya, our awareness shifts from our limitation, to our unlimited nature as pure Love.

Yoga is union with the Divine.
Through Atma Kriya Yoga, we attain the true goal of yoga – awareness of our soul’s loving relationship with the Divine in every moment.



This initiation is what makes Atma Kriya Yoga the most powerful yogic practice in the world today.

Origins of Atma Kriya Yoga

Atma Kriya Yoga was given by Mahavatar Babaji, the father of all Kriya Yoga lineages, to Paramahamsa Vishwananda, a fully Realized Kriya Yoga Master, as a gift to humanity.

A Sacred Initiation

When you learn Atma Kriya Yoga, you are given an initiation called Shaktipat, meaning ‘descent of Grace’. Shaktipat infuses you, and your practice, with the Grace of the Mahavatar Babaji.

A Priceless Blessing

Whenever you practice Atma Kriya Yoga, the entire Kriya Lineage is with you, guiding you, blessing you and ensuring that your practice is successful.



Reciting the Divine Names purifies and calms the mind, attuning your whole being to its powerful vibration and dissolving the ego into Love.

Meditation techniques

Concentration and focus helps you bring self-awareness into your daily actions so you can transcend the duality of human existence.

Sound Yoga

Listening to the symphony of inner mystical sounds emanating from your heart chakra strengthens your intuition.

OM Chanting

Group chanting generates harmony and peace for yourself, others and your local environment.


Observing and controlling your breath promotes physical and energetic balance.


Five physical yogic postures support your meditation practice, boost your immune system and enhance your physical vitality.


Body and finger yoga aligns your body’s energy so you can reach your spiritual aim.

Main Kriya

This chakra meditation raises your consciousness, unites body and soul, and burns one spiritual year of karma with every breath.

Protective Shield

Elevating the vibration of your energy centers protects you from negativity and allows more divine light to shine through.

Shaktipat Initiation

The course culminates in a beautiful one-on-one initiation where the grace and blessing of all the kriya-yoga Masters is bestowed upon you.