‘To those who are constantly engaged with Me, and who worship Me with intense Love, I give them the realisation by which they can come to Me.’


Sacred Arts

Sacred practices, like singing the Divine Name or painting Sri Yantra, are creative forms of worship.

Beyond the mind

The secret of those sacred arts is that they effectively helps us to move our awareness from mind to heart.

Creativity & Bhakti

Creative power of our mind can be also used to deepen our devotion and bring us closer to the Divine.


Anyone can sing the Divine Name or connect to God through painting – it’s not about talent, but about love.

Music in Bhakti Marga

Experience the sweetness of singing the Lord’s Name. Aaradhakananda, Head of Bhakti Marga Music, explains the profound value of this simple practice. He will also give a mini-workshop on how to use your voice as an instrument and lead you through two simple kirtans.


Dakshini, Head of Bhakti Marga Art, will introduce you into the ancient spiritual practice of creating devotional art. She will also lead you into a short meditation to help you begin to explore and manifest the beauty Divine Mother Herself by colouring an image of Her in the form of Maha-Lakshmi.


We Express Our Love

Devotional arts, as taught in Bhakti Marga, have a unique way to move our awareness from mind to heart, and thus bring us closer to God. Paramahamsa Vishwananda Himself loves to sing bhajan, as well as spends lots of His free time painting the pictures of Divine aspects and saints, thus encouraging us all to engage more in this beautiful and pleasant way to connect with the Divine.


When we sing and dance, not for our own pleasure but for the pleasure of our Beloved Lord, the mundane transforms into the Divine. As the purity of love begins to flow, thinking stops, and only being remains. Nothing else exists except you and your Beloved.

Like a serenaded lover, the Lord responds when you sing His Name from your heart. Fortunately, His response has little to do with the quality of your voice – all that matters is the sincerity of your calling. Enjoy the sweetness of love.

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A yantra is sacred geometry which is an instrument for spiritual advancement. Sri Yantra is the oldest yantra known and is the form of Devī or Shakti Herself.

Sri Yantra is considered to be one of the most powerful and effective
yantras as it is believed that it contains the strength of all the gods. It helps to increase concentration, because it sharpens and purifies the intellect.

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Paramahamsa Vishwananda is often encouraging His devotees to participate in theatre plays, usually depicting the Divine leelas from Srimad Bhagavatam or the lives of saints. Enacting those leelas through live plays is one of the most powerful ways to connect with those divine characters, and often becomes a transformative journey in itself.

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Connect and Support

Bhakti Marga has many resources that help open your heart and deepen your understanding and connection with the Divine. Thanks to our donors and helpers, many are free. If you like what we do, share the likings and excitement. Help us grow together.

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