The temple is set in the quiet village of Halstead in Essex surround by lush fields and farms. It is a growing hub, where those who are looking for spiritual nourishment return to again and again.


Hinduism is based in one God, one Truth, one Reality, that is expressed in many different ways. That’s why the Hindu tradition has so many deities: the variety of deities reflects all the different qualities of this one supreme Reality, but manifested in different shapes and forms.

Temple Inauguration

In May 2022 Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda performed a ceremony known as prana pratishta, or the placing of life. This is where the presence of the Divine is invited to reside in the images. A Temple is a fortress of Divine grace. It is a place where people can gather, worship and embrace God. The Srinivasa Temple is home to our three beautiful deities:

Srinivasa is home to Sachidananda Vigraha Narasimha, MahaLakshmi, Anandamurti Mohini and Mahavishnu. Click on the images below to find out more about each deity.



Lord Narasimha is the incarnation of God as half-man half lion. In this extraordinary form, the Divine manifests power and protection. He embodies that Supreme Truth that destroys all falsehood and delusion. He eradicates the worries and negativity holding us back in life.


She is the Divine consort of Lord Narasimha. Mahalakshmi is the motherly mercy that is ever giving. Her love is unconditional. She personifies abundance, creativity and prosperity.


It is this deity that makes the Srinivasa Temple one of the most unique in the world. It is an extremely rare form of the Divine. She carries by Her side a vessel that contains the Amrit, the nectar of immortality. This nectar frees us from the shackles of the material world and all that is limited. She is the incarnation of God that will do anything to grant that which is eternal.


On the pond we have the four handed form of God reclining on the snake bed. Lakshmi is serving Him at His feet. From the navel of Mahavishnu emerges a lotus with the four headed Brahma. Brahma is responsible for creating the diversity within this material universe. In this form we made to contemplate on how this entire creation comes from and is sustained by the body of God.

What happens at Srinivasa Temple?


There is regular worship known as Puja. This involves various forms of ritual and the chanting of different hymns. Every evening there is a ceremony known as arati where a sacred flame is offered to the deities.

Poornima Abhishekam

Once a month on the Sunday following the full moon abhishek is performed on the deities. This is a ritual bathing ceremony where they are bathed in various elements such as milk and honey.


Once a month both Swamini Karuna and Swami Anasuya conduct seminars where they delve into various topics. Using scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatham they conduct sessions where people can discuss and dive deep into spiritual knowledge.


One of the jewels of the Srinivasa Temple is the school. Children ages 5-12 regularly meet to learn about Hinduism and spirituality. The syllabus involves practical education such as learning mantras, ritual worship and the reading through of scripture. There are also wonderful plays and performances that the children put on. Learn more

Meditation Courses

For anyone who wishes to learn and recharge their spiritual batteries we hold courses throughout the year. Guided meditation, Kriya Yoga  and Om chanting are just some of what forms part of a thoroughly rejuvenating few days. Learn more



Mon-Fri – By appointment only – 07465972174
Saturday Evening Prayers 18:30-20:00
Sunday Prayers: 11:00-14:00

Srinivasa Temple, Alderford Street, Sible Hedingham, CO9 3HZ
Mob: 07465972174