28 – 29 MAY 2022

(Free entry for children aged 12 years old or younger)

We are very excited to welcome you to the official temple opening of Srinivasa.

Join us for the ‘big reveal’ and the two days of festivities with Paramahamsa Vishwananda that will consecrate this very special offering to the Divine. Three deities will be infused with life force energies in an elaborate Prana Pratishta ritual.

The ancient ceremony is a request to the Divine to manifest Itself so that It can be served through a physical form. In essence, this ritual turns a carved statue into a living deity.

Festivities will include daily pujas, Prana Pratishtha rituals, yagna, bhajans, kirtans, countless blessings and a few surprises.

Please read our Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) section below for information on our cancelation policy, travel, accommodation and much more.


Hinduism is based in one God, one Truth, one Reality, that is expressed in many different ways. That’s why the Hindu tradition has so many deities: the variety of deities reflects all the different qualities of this one supreme Reality, but manifested in different shapes and forms.


The three deities that will reside at Srinivasa are:

  • Lord Narasimha
  • Sri Maha Lakshmi
  • Mohini Devi

All deities are 1 metre tall and have been beatifully hand carved with their hands open which signifies they are always ready to give.



An incarnation of the Lord that came to defeat the asura Hiranyakashipor and save His devotee Prahlad. Although He might look fierce, Narasimha is actually very caring for His devotees.

He comes to restore balance and to destroy what is called 'spiritual pride'. His fury destroys negativity and all kinds of delusion to reveal the Truth.


Srinivasa means the 'abode of Divine Mother'. Maha Lakshmi is the Lord's ever-present consort, the Cosmic Mother who cares for everyone.

She is the consort of Lord Vishnu who is always serving at His feet. Abundance, prosperity and creativity is who she personifies. Maha Lakshmi is the embodiment of mercy and grace.


An incarnation of the Lord as a woman who delivered the nectar of immortality to the gods.

This form is extremely rare. Currently there are only two temples dedicated to Her in India.

Srinivasa would house the only Mohini Devi deity outside of India. A historic first.


In this video, Paramahamsa Vishwananda explains the meaning of ‘Prana Pratishta’.

‘So, even if it is just what you see on the outside, when you look at His beautiful face, you don’t see the statue looking at you. You see a pair of eyes that are looking at you. And that pair of eyes is not just looking at you physically. It is piercing through your soul itself and it is looking at who and what belongs to Him. This is the beauty when one opens up the heart and longs for Him. Then you see He is looking at you. He is caring for you.’

Paramahamsa Vishwananda


Now you can connect to the Divine through Serving the Deities at Srinivasa. With this new program, you can actively assist the pujaris who serve the deities every day by sponsoring the deities. For every puja conducted for the deity, the blessing goes to the sponsors. In this way, you are helping the deity to be served while gaining benefits for yourself as well.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What will the two days consist of?

Festivities will include two full days with Paramahamsa Vishwananda, daily pujas, Prana Pratishtha rituals, yagna, bhajans, kirtans, countless blessings and a few surprises.

Can I register my family members under my name?

All of your family members (over 12 years) need to be registered separately under their own names. All duplicated registrations will be deleted.

How do I get to the venue?

If you are travelling by public transport, the closest station is Braintree Rail Station (15-20 minute drive to the temple). We encourage as many people to use public transport or carpool. Additional information on travel share groups and recommended taxi hires will be provided upon registration.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any further questions please contact us at

Is there accommodation available?

Local Hotel and Guest House Links are shared upon booking, but there is NO accommodation available for overnight guests at the temple.


What time does the event start?

Time: 10:00am till late.*

*End times to be confirmed closer to the time of the event, but it’s expected that the programme on Saturday 28 May will go on late into the evening, with an earlier evening finish on Sunday 29 May.

I did not receive a confirmation email

Please check your spam/junk folder on your email. If you still have not received the confirmation email, contact us on

Is there parking available?

Yes. Parking is available close by to the Temple (0.3miles 1 min drive/ 5 min walk) but there NO parking directly on the temple site for this event.


Refunds and cancellations

Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase unless the event is cancelled. If an event is cancelled, ticket holders will be offered a refund of the face value of the tickets.

No alcohol, drugs, substances or legal highs are allowed

No alcohol, drugs, substances or legal highs must be brought or consumed on the Temple premises. If you are suspected to be in possessions or under the influence of the above, then you will be asked to leave or be ejected from the event.