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This course will give you the opportunity to build a more joyful life, improve your relationships, and live more purposefully. It is deeply transformational. Transformation happens when we drop old ideas and start living completely differently. With transformation, we can never go back to what we were. No one can ever shake our renewed convictions.

This course is based on The Mirrors Work, which takes you on an intensive transformational journey within yourself and addresses all of your deepest questions about life. It rests on 10 Principles rooted in the Bhagavad Gita, and utilises a very practical technique of inner enquiry borrowed from Cognitive Therapy. Truth can only be known when we realise it for ourselves, and The Mirrors Work offers you an opportunity to do just this. Find out more about the Mirrors Work Course Writers below.

The course offers you a glimpse of who you truly are, and puts you on the path to Self- and God-realisation. You will be given the tools to bring positive change to your relationship with yourself, and to your relationships with the people in your life.

PHASE 1: A Mind Revolution

In the beginning phase, you become acquainted with The Mirrors Work and the 10 Principles upon which it rests. Through this, you come to realise the purpose of the world, and the purpose of your life. Also in this phase, you get a realistic view of the mind and it’s unstable, unreliable nature. You realise the extent to which it cuts you off from your true nature, and your natural joy. Through a number of interactive activities, you begin the process of bringing it under control, so that you can live a more joyful and peaceful life with the people around you.

PHASE 2: Questioning Our Reality

During phase 2, you receive the tools that will break down a number of those current beliefs (unique to you) that are causing you unhappiness. You learn to see the world in a completely new light, and you begin to see yourself, and the people around you with a different pair of eyes. In other words, you start to see things for what they really are, rather than for what the mind tells you. On this day you begin to realise that the key to authentic joy lies in your ability to see what is really in front of you.

PHASE 3: The Nature of the World is the Nature of God

Phase 3 takes you deeper into an exploration of the nature of God, our relationship to Him, the nature of the world and why we are here. You will use supplementary Mirrors Work exercises to help you make this knowledge a realised truth, instead of an intellectual understanding.

PHASE 4: Dealing with Fear:

In this phase, you learn that embedded fear shapes your personality, your attitudes and behaviours, your life experiences and the quality of your relationships. The Mirrors Work helps you to question the beliefs that create this fear, so that the quality of your life experience, and your relationship with others improves exponentially.

PHASE 5: Dealing with Adversity

Phase 5 gets to the heart of the human journey and what it means to live a human incarnation. Here, you will learn to use The Mirrors technique to navigate your world, ride the storms of life, and emerge positively transformed.

PHASE 6: Living through the Heart

In this session, you explore what it means to live through the heart instead of the mind. You learn to use The Mirrors technique to navigate the noise of the mind and detach from its ‘logical’ arguments.

PHASE 7: The True Nature of Love and Forgiveness

In this phase you discover the source of love, and the different faces of love as it manifests in the world. You will also explore a whole new understanding of what it means to love others, and you will realise a completely new concept of forgiveness. You will be given the opportunity to test both your current paradigms of love and forgiveness with The Mirrors Work.


Due to its intensive transformational nature, this course will be delivered TWO DAYS A MONTH OVER THREE MONTHS. To support you, we will hold optional weekly online inspirational chat sessions, where you will be able to share your transformational experiences, and get the chance to learn from other people’s experiences.

You will also join our Whatsapp group to receive updates, links to inspirational videos and reading material.  We will also always be available to answer your questions.



  • Price – £75 £365 (Festival Discount)
  • In Person Workshop
  • Optional inspirational chat sessions
  • Learn from people’s experiences
  • Inspirational videos and reading material
  • Ongoing support
  • Safe place to share



  • 7th & 8th September 2024
  • 19th & 20th October 2024
  • 9th & 10th November 2024

Time: 8:30 to 18:00 . Two short rest breaks and 45 mins for lunch.

Address: Srinivasa, Alderford St, Sible Hedingham, CO9 3HZ

You can only chose one location for the full course.



  • 28th & 29th September 2024
  • 26th & 27th October 2024
  • 16th & 17th November 2024

Time: 8:30 to 18:00 . Two short rest breaks and 45 mins for lunch.

Address: Butterfly Effect Wellbeing, Latton Bush Centre, The Bungalow, Harlow CM18 7BL

You can only chose one location for the full course.




With a Master’s Degree in Business Management, Asha Dasi was involved in Corporate Organisational Development, with a focus on learning and development, for over 30 years. She is currently a Self-Help facilitator and Life Coach to a diverse set of clients throughout different countries. Due to its transformational nature, The Mirrors Work plays a central role in all of her teachings and in every aspect of her life coaching.



Ratna is the founder of Dharma Awakenings, a company specializing in personal development and business transformation. With 25 years of corporate experience, including leading global culture change programs, Ratna integrates modern science with ancient wisdom to promote sustainable growth. Her unique approach creates a safe environment to challenge norms, overcome biases, and inspire lasting, positive change in individuals and organisations.


This work was developed in a collaboration between Swami Paranthapa and Asha Dasi. It has been offered to a diverse range of audiences in differing formats, over a 16-year period. Today, the work has culminated in a structured pathway that facilitates profound self-discovery and transformation. This process was developed through their own willingness to accept difficult life experiences, and by their commitment to resolving them by looking within.

Central to The Mirrors Work is the realisation that the world is a mirror of our inner selves; the people that we encounter and the situations that we find ourselves in all reflect different aspects of our personalities. By recognising that external conflicts are reflections of our internal states, course participants are guided to seek solutions within themselves.

This approach has been instrumental in helping people cope with adversity, resolve conflicts and achieve greater happiness. Today, The Mirrors Work offers you the opportunity to experience radical change.

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    Dates for Location 1 - 7th & 8th Sept 2024, 19th and 20th Oct 2024, 9th & 10th Nov 2024
    Dates for Location 2 - 28th & 29th Sept 2024, 26th & 27th Oct 2024, 16th & 17th Nov 2024.
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