atma kriya yoga london

Group Atma Kriya Practice




Every Wednesday 6.oo pm – 7.15 pm


The Hale Clinic, 7 Park Crescent, London W1B 1PF, Central London (3 min from Regent’s Park or Great Portland Street tube stations)

What is Atma Kriya?

Atma Kriya Yoga is a spiritual practice that opens the heart to the transformational power of Love. It includes a series of meditation techniques, pranayamas, asanas, mantras and mudras sealed with the blessing of Shaktipat initiation – the Grace of all the Kriya Yoga Masters. Atma Kriya means bringing the awareness of our soul into everything we do, so that we can purify and prepare the mind, body and spirit to awaken in God-Realisation. This sadhana is all about the Love relationship between us and God. It is practised to awaken the Divinity, which is deep inside all of us, to realise the Love of God.

While Atma Kriya Yoga is typically practiced individually and in private, when sadhaks practice together, the Kriya Shakti (Kriya energy) supports, strengthens and deepens everyone’s practice. In addition, people, animals and the environment are blessed by the Kriya Shakti generated from the techniques within at least one kilometre radius.

Participation is free but donations are welcome.

*Please note this practise is for Atma Kriya sadhaks only