From 30th Jan, join Roshan from the UK for a series of Kriya Yoga events in Bulgaria. Take this amazing opportunity to dive into the supreme awareness of your Soul, that eternal part of you that animates your mind and body. Experience the uniqueness of Atma Kriya Yoga, so that you can know your essential Self and awaken devotion and a direct relationship with your source and support: God

Roshan is former International Head of Atma Kriya Yoga for Bhakti Marga. He has taught Kriya Yoga from three different traditions and corporate meditation and wellbeing in more than 30 countries. Roshan has also had a corporate career in Wastewater Treatment, in which he holds a Doctorate.

“In my experience of practising different forms of yoga and meditation for the last 30 years, none come close to Atma Kriya Yoga for shear power, speed, transformation and the potential it brings out in a practitioner”  ~ Roshan


Atma Kriya Yoga (AKY) means awakening the constant awareness of the soul into everything you do and its eternal relationship with the Divine.  Each technique cultivates a different type of bhakti – love of the Divine – and opens the heart to the transformational power of Divine Love, the highest state of yoga.

Atma Kriya Yoga is one of the most powerful yoga systems today. It comes from the ancient Kriya Yoga tradition of the great immortal Himalayan Master Mahavatar Babaji and has been given to the world by Paramahamsa Vishwananda. It comprises of techniques in mantra, meditation, pranayama, kundalini awakening, burning karma, asanas, mudras, healing, protective shields and the grace of Shaktipat.


Introductory spiritual yoga and meditation talk on Atma Kriya Yoga, with healing session and kirtan

Date: Sunday 30 Jan, 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm – Bulgaria time 

Location: Online – Zoom

Cost: Free

Queries: WhatsApp Roshan +44 7530844481, Email roshan.meditation@gmail.com


Through Atma Kriya Yoga, realise yourself and become once again what you have been, continue to be, and will always be – the Soul.

It is one of the most powerful forms of yoga available today that gives you a set of techniques to help you rapidly advance on your spiritual path.


Saturday 12 Feb – Sunday 13 Feb, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm (Online) – 

Location: Online 

Cost: £140 British Pounds

Queries: WhatsApp Roshan +44 7530844481, Email roshan.meditation@gmail.com

Main benefits:

  • Stills the mind and opens up the spiritual heart
  • Burns negative karma of past lives and the present
  • Awakens the eternal love relationship between your soul and God and allows you to become constantly aware of the Divine in all that you do in every moment. This is the pinnacle of the spiritual journey
  • Develops divine qualities by transforming and transcending limited human qualities
  • Awakens intuition
  • Slows down and starts reversing the ageing process
  • Shaktipat transforms a person into an advanced yogi, the key to rapid spiritual advancement

How long does the practice take?

  • Suggested practice: 15-45 minutes per day
  • What matters is the quality of your practice, not how much you do

What post course support is in place?

  • Teacher available for ongoing support
  • No charge for repeating the course as often as you wish
  • Free weekly group activities and practice sessions online to deepen your experience of Atma Kriya Yoga