Last updated: 04/03/2024

Please read all these terms and conditions

As we accept your order and make a legally enforceable agreement without further reference to you, you must read these terms and conditions to make sure that they contain all that you want and nothing that you are not happy with. If you are not sure about anything, just contact us on

Application – Babaji Surya Namaskar Course Terms

With my signature, I agree to all terms and conditions of the Babaji Surya Namaskar Workshop/course and hereby declare the following:

  1. Regarding the yoga and meditation courses of Bhakti Marga UK, I confirm that I will keep confidential its teachings and intellectual property, and that I will not teach or pass on anything taught during the course in any form or by any means (oral, written, visual, digital or otherwise). I also agree to keep confidential all content which is usable for commercial or promotional purpose.
  2. I have been informed to practice all techniques and exercises only according to the instructions in the manual or given by the teacher during the course.
  3. I am aware that the taught techniques and exercises do not compensate or replace any medical treatment or therapy, diagnosis or medication by a medical doctor or any other legally certified therapist.
  4. I am aware that yoga, meditation, and breathing and contemplation exercises might have a negative effect on people with certain health and mental conditions. Such conditions include but are not limited to pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart and lung conditions, neurological conditions, mental/psychiatric conditions, present or past use of alcohol and/or non-prescribed drugs or medications, and/or a high sensitivity to meditative, yogic, and/or spiritual practices.
  5. With my signature, I hereby confirm that I have informed or will inform the teacher before the course about all of my current and pre-existing physical, health conditions.
  6. With my signature I also confirm that I have informed or will inform the the teacher before the course about all medication that I am taking which are related to the above conditions.
  7. I agree that I will immediately inform the teacher during the course about any new occurrences of pain or illness, and will also stop practising the exercises at such time. This also applies if I have reason to believe that the exercises might compromise my health.
  8. I take full responsibility for the practice of any exercise whenever it is outside the course.
  9. I agree that the course fee is not refundable in the event that I miss parts of the course due to my own fault or illness